Little Children

This would definitely be defined as procrastination...

Ok, so my to-do list today by 3 pm is the following:

[x] Write final paper for Philosophy on Epicureanism and "Protagoras"
[x] Look up answers to multiple choice questions for the Philosophy exam
[ ] Finish Reading Responses (1 page "essays") for readings
[ ] Study the answers to the MC questions for the Philosophy exam

Ok, so the way my philosophy final exam is set up, it's really easy to do well. The prof is great. Our homework throughout the semester was to write multiple choice questions from any reading we were assigned in our text book (not our readings... readings are like... The Apology and stuff like that). We had to write two for each assigned reading--15 total assigned. Then, our prof made study sheets by picking out the best 5-10 questions from each assignment. We were given these study sheets, and for the final exam, he will choose 20 of the 74 questions. Each of our multiple choice questions has to have page references, so it's fairly easy to look up these answers (most of the time).

However, like with any student-made exam, some of these questions are rather interesting. For example:

Plato discovers that to fulfill his duty as a true disciple of Socrates, he must: (85)
a) become a critic of Socrates
b) resort to worshipping Socrates as divine
c) reject logic
d) find a way to bring Socrates back from the dead

According to Plato the capacity to know non-sensible Forms implies: (100)
a) we should all be able to read minds

What maxim do both Socrates and Plato assume in their defense of justice? (102)
a) might makes right
b) kill all the lawyers
c) guilty until proven innocent
d) justice benefits the soul of the just

"We don't blame a rock for falling on us, or a bee for stinging us..." why? (51)
a) they're stupid
b) they have no compassion
c) they don't have free choice
d) they're just naturally mean

And finally:

According to Jesus, the most important commandment(s) is/are: (205)
a) thou shall not watch television

Ok, so I'm easily amused, but still. They're amusing. Admit it. Or not. Leavemealone. *pouts*
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everytime I was down

Disclaimer: This contains hysterical me

This week just really really bites. Really. So, yesterday I went and talked to parking services about the tickets that I supposedly have. They're like, "Sorry, we wouldn't just randomly give you tickets." "But I KNOW that I didn't get a ticket on this date, this date, or this date. I know EXACTLY where my car was." "Too bad. You owe us money." So I was essentially sitting there in hysterics, hyperventilating, crying, and just generally trying to deal. Too much stress compiled = breakdown liek whoa. I talked to my mom, who said that she had a bit of extra cash and would take care of it for me. That made some things better.

My mom called today and said that because she was paying for my car to be taken care of (which I'm doing tomorrow... all day...), that she couldn't afford to get my plane ticket home for Christmas. So another stress factor. She told me I would have to ride Greyhound. I told her that I couldn't physically do that. So the plan was to talk to my aunt about it and see if there was ANY way she could get me a plane ticket. That is, until I received an email about an hour ago that said the following:

"I don't mean to be a pain about this, but the time has come to get things in order where the Buick is concerned, I mean, I did offer to cover the repair expenses, seems like you could find the time to get the car taken care of. It almost seems like you aren't really too interested in having a car . . . .

I can't impress upon you HOW BAD it is for a car to just sit. Don't be surprised if more problems pop up from it's just sitting. Little things like leaky wheel cylinders, dry rotted hoses and belts. The list is potentiall endless. Plus, it seems the campus police are not exactly thrilled about the boat being in drydock.

Please let me hear from you ASAP, so we can get something going on this.
It's more than time.

That essentially was just... too much. I felt like she was telling me how much of a failure I am, how stupid I am for everything, and that she was talking down to a 6-year-old who is an inconsiderate idiot. So what did I do but the oh-so-helpful thing but email back with exactly what I thought: (Note: in order to get the car out of tow, the OWNER has to be present--aka my aunt--and in place of that, a faxed release of vehicle note with a copy of her driver's license will do, but my aunt is out of town and said that she would be back at 10 am on Thursday, EST, and that as soon as she got there, she'd take care of it)

"Sorry, you said you couldn't do anything until Thursday morning, and I have been doing exams and stuff for the past two days. I couldn't do anything until I got the info from you, which you said would be earliest tomorrow morning at 10 am or so. So, yes, today I went to my classes. I rescheduled my Japanese oral so that I have all day tomorrow to take care of the car. I'm taking how many classes, and haven't had a break exam-wise since the 4th week of school. I spent the first free time I had this week down at the parking services office dealing with their crap, breaking down into hysterics in their office, which was quite fun.

I guess it really doesn't make any difference to anybody--you, grandma, mommy, anybody... that I'm taking almost double the normal course load so that I can save everybody money on the extra year of school. Then, on top of that, I go get a job that pays less than minimum wage just so I can stop being any further burden on anybody. I feel bad for anything I've asked of you guys, I honestly do. I HATE relying on other people for things because so often, at least in my experience, that leads to problems. Such as relying on my mother to do things like get me a way home for Christmas. Things go wrong. Everything in this city is open from 9 to 5. I have class from 10 to 5. In order to get the car taken care of, I have to physically go over to the place. Which means I either have to walk the 3 miles there (which takes more time than would be possible to go in the morning to take care of it BEFORE class), or find someone to give me a ride. I'm sorry to rant, but I'm really really stressed right now and honestly hate being treated like I'm an inconsiderate idiot. Yes, I should have taken care of it before. I fully intended to. Every time I said, "I'm getting up tomorrow to go take care of this because I have some time to," I had work the night before and then had to work on homework for classes and then would oversleep when I meant to get up to take care of the car. It's not an excuse, but I am seriously having issues with sleep, so it just adds to my dilema.

Anyway, I AM taking care of it. I asked for your help, and I'm sorry if it inconvenienced you. I now feel like a spoiled little brat to essentially freak out and then ask you to still take care of the Buick, but I honestly can't afford to do it myself, and like you said... it can't just sit there. I was going to go delete a lot of what I said, but I really do mean it. I really am upset with the way things are right now. Every time I get contact from you or Grandma, it seems to be that I feel guilty for everything I've ever asked for, or I'm being lectured for how I've done something wrong. I really just can't handle that. I have enough criticism from people who aren't my family. I really need SOMEONE in my family to be there. I can't rely on my own mother, I don't talk to my father because he's an asshole, Grandma's half senile, Shaun I can't call because I risk having to talk to my dad, so that leaves you. I'm sorry you're the designated one. You've always been there for me when I needed you. You're the one I rely on when everything else in my life is falling apart. So I'm sorry I went/am going off, but when everything is going wrong right now and I get an email from you that just makes me feel like SHIT, I can't handle it. I really can't.

Sorry and thank you,

So once again, I'm collapsed in hysterics and feel like shit. Yay for life.
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Skinned Knees


So, my roommate's an anthropology major and this year is her senior year unless she decides to do med school, and then she'll be here next year too. So, for one of her exit requirements, she has to write an ethnography. It's a huge research project that she's been doing the research for all semester, and it's due on Thursday. So she has to actually sit down and WRITE the thing. So it's Tuesday now. She's bitching about how she's going to have to stay up all night on Wednesday, but see... what if she actually worked on it these past three nights instead of playing WoW? No, she couldn't do that. So she was up until 5:30 this morning, playing WoW, with the sound on, with the lamp at the foot of my bed on, and asking me QUESTIONS every 5 minutes.

Well, here's the problem with this: I WAS IN BED TRYING TO SLEEP BECAUSE I HAD A FINAL AT EIGHT THIS MORNING. So, when my alarm went off at 7 (because I wanted to hit snooze once or twice and then have time to grab coffee on the way to class), she bitched. So I turned off the alarm. Unfortunately, I hadn't gotten my snoozes in so it didn't register that I had turned off the alarm, so I didn't get up. I missed my final. And now she's moaning because I'm making noise typing at 12:30 p.m.

I'm really pissed off. I'm going to go to another section of lab and see if the TA will let me take the final there (different TA, but I know her). The down side, is that this is really the only free day I have until Thursday to do anything and I REALLY need to take care of my car. I'm so stressed right now...
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Too much wine

Equilibrium of the universe...

Ok... so... life just really BITES right now. Here's my dilema:

1) The motor services people think I have NINE parking tickets. (Yes, I have a couple, but not NINE. And they're not outstanding--yet.) So what do they do but tow my car. So I have to go down and get them to delete a bunch of parking tickets, thankyouverymuch.

2) I have a hold on my school account so that I can't sign up for classes because I haven't signed up for enough classes for my financial aid for next semester to be valid. Ok, so I can't sign up for classes because I haven't signed up for classes o.O

2b) Because I can't sign up for classes, my financial aid for next semester isn't confirmed yet, which means that even though I am currently in surplus of money to them, it shows up that I owe THEM money. So, I get to go try to discuss logic with these people.

3) I'm really pissed that I get paid LESS THAN minimum wage. Dude, it's illegal. I get paid $4.20 an hour. Minimum wage is more than a dollar more than that an hour. I don't get to keep my tips, even though when either Megan or I, or especially when we're BOTH working, we get twice as many tips as anybody else. We're both going to tell our boss that if we don't get a raise of some sort, we're going to quit. It's too stressful to block out 5 hour shifts on two hour notice for less than minimum wage. I understand that the restaurant isn't exactly... thriving. I mean, it's not doing BADLY, but it probably only brings in about $4000 a month, which probably barely covers overhead, but still. Working 20 hours a week shouldn't get me EIGHTY DOLLARS. If I were doing full time, say... that would be just over $500 a month. That's insanity. That would be a salary of $6000 a year. Ok now I'm descending into like... meaninglessness, but still. *whines*

4) Until I get my car like... FOUND and everything settled, I can't get my car FIXED, which means I have no way to get to Vegas for my flight HOME for Christmas. Which makes me stressed. There's always the backup plan of the Greyhound, I guess... but I need my car :(

5) Megan and I saw this cool thing on Food Channel that we wanted to make as gifts to our friends, and well... they got dead. Conclusion: trying to make meringues without an electric mixer is a BAD IDEA. Two hours of whipping the freaking eggwhites to death and then they collapse.

6) Last night, I fell asleep while studying for my ochem exam, so I woke up barely in time to run to the exam, so there was very little prep work.

So, I figure some really good stuff has to happen soon to reestablish the equilibrium of the universe *nods*
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Little Children


So last night I got back from the Union's Thanksgiving dinner, when the phone rang. I answered to this little kid's voice. He said, "Lindsay... will you go to the movies with me? I want to see Harry Potter." "Puru?" "Yeah?" "Ok... when?" "I don't know. Look up the times and call me back, ok? Call me on Megan's phone, ok? You want to go, really?" "Ok, Puru. I'll call you back. Give me just a couple minutes." So... I went out to the movies with a 9-year-old. I feel special :D He was really adorable *nods*
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Think of Me

(no subject)

I have never before posted lyrics to a song, but there's always a first, right?

How many times have you heard someone say
If I had money, I would do things my way.
But little they know, that it's so hard to find
One rich man in ten, with a satisfied mind.

Money can't buy back all your youth when you're old
A friend when you're lonely, or peace to your soul.
The wealthiest person is a pauper at times
Compared to the man with a satisfied mind.

When my life is over, and my time has run out,
My friends and my loves, I will leave, there's no doubt.
But one thing's for certain, when it comes my time,
I'll leave this old world with a satisfied mind...

I feel old when I think that my friends could die. I don't like to think about it, I think, because people go on forever, right? There's some cliche quote that I think goes something like... live each day like it's the last, but dream like you'll live forever? I wonder how many of us do that without knowing... or how many of us do only half of that. I think I just think everything will go on forever. No wonder change always surprises me...

Things change so suddenly... and somehow, in retrospect, things make sense. Irony gets us all, I think.

I don't think I'm coherent, but... I'm sad. Are people I've lost touch with the equivalent of dead to me? I mean, they might as well be, right? Regrets really suck. I want to minimise them. Someone who really earned my admiration definitely lived larger than life. I want to be like that. I want to pack as much life into whatever time I have. That way, nothing is too little. Now my only question is how :)
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Seasons in the Sun

*stabs idiot suitemate of death*

After being locked out of the bathroom AGAIN tonight, I decided to talk to our suitemate about this locking out thing. We've been locked out of the bathroom 3-4 times a day daily for the past couple of weeks. So I knocked on her door and very nicely requested that she try to remember to unlock the door. To which she asked why, if we knew how to pop the lock, it was such a big deal. So I explained that we were being late to class in the mornings because we couldn't get in the bathroom. "You can pop the damn lock. Bye." and slammed the door in my face. This is my oh-so-mature response:

Skinned Knees

O.O An Update?!

So, lovely happenings in my world. After getting a new computer (that seems to be functioning! Yay!), my car is now acting up. It won't start. It's not a problem with the battery, and when we add starting fluid, it'll start but won't stay started, so the fuel line must be clogged somehow. Unfortunately, I can't do that myself, so I have to take it to a mechanic because there's not a surplus of gearheads on this campus. *pouts*

In other news, I have a new addiction that I'm completely ashamed of. I blame Spaz. Her and John sat there in pchem for how many weeks talking about Warcraft so I'm like, "What the hell?" So now I've been playing that and I'm a pathetic addict. *cries*

Other than that, I'm craving a milkshake.
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Too much wine

(no subject)

I want to whine about work, so I'm gonna.

Last night, because it was Monday and it's usually really really slow on Mondays, Atul had only me working up front. The "waitresses" at my work do the normal waiting on tables, bus all of the tables, do the hostessing, take any takeout orders there might be, and that's about it. Except that last night, it was unusually busy for a Monday night, and so I had to do all of this for about... ten tables at once. They were fairly staggered, but it was still kind of exhausting.

The first people in last night, though, really really liked me :D Yay for warm fuzzies! They liked that I was... caffeinated. Plus, they got two glasses of wine each, and a bottle of champagne between the two of them. They were pretty wasted by the time they left. Sort of worried me...
Learn to love ABC

Status Report

I am alive and computerless. My computer's motherboard short-circuited. Yay. Gateway can die now.

I'm getting a new computer now and it should be here like... Thursday or Friday :D *bounces about*

Let's see, other than that, I guess life is goodish:

Working at the Indian restaurant is entertaining, but my clothes smell funny.

This weekend we carved pumpkins and mine has Oogie Boogie on it :D Megan did an alien and Spaz carved a kitty in to hers.

We've been staying up really late recently... not always a good thing methinks. Lots of Food Channel. Megan's got me hooked on this one series by Bujold. It's really good methinks. Nice schizo main character :D

Other than that, it's midterms time and I'm a bit stressed because of the hours the computer labs are open and when I have class, so it's hard to actually do my homework when I want to.

I'm sad because next semester I can't take Japanese or Philosophy, so I'm going to have to take icky classes instead. Cry for me :(

Life is generally good--but I snapped my glasses in two, so I'm having to wear my contacts :\ That wouldn't be so bad except that it's so dry here that they irritate my eyes. So it's either itchy eyes or blind eyes. I'm getting my good kind of contacts soon though--my mom is going searching through Seattle for my missing prescription as we speak :D

I need to get my passport soon. I really want to go to BC over winter break, but I can't without my passport methinks. :\
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