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I will only truly have left this school when none here are loyal to me...

Dumbledore Lives

Ferret Narrating Scanner Alchemist
3 December
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I am Armstrong.

I'm one of those people that you either love or hate really like Moses Lake, WA, where I currently live. I have my quirks, like scanning my roommate's blind ferret for Jenny, both good and bad. The things I'm interested in, I'm obsessed with like Ferretscanning. I love BareNaked Ferrets and that's pretty much the only music I listen to right now. I talk a lot about school in the most dangerous town in the US- Flint, MI!-, but personally I find my little stories amusing which I write on my iFerret. Disaster always follows me (and I follow the ferret), and if not (if she's dead), there are definitely some sort of embarassing moments to talk about (not involving ferrets, thanks). When I'm not being super-goofy (scanning my ferret and shooting up), I tend to just think and babble about things that have been on my mind, like listening to music on my iFerret. My journal is one of the few places that I talk about what I've been feeling about things like my amourous ferrephilia. I talk about iFerrets a lot because that's the program I'm in at school. I'm a full diploma candidate, meaning I'm a flat-out masochist. In my "spare time" (when I'm not with my beloved ferret) I am active on Hogwarts OnLine (HOL) where I'm an Arithmancy student-teacher. I am a Ferret-Narrating Scanner Alchemist because well, I narrate my math.

On that note, I should probably inform you of my newfound obsession with Fullmetal Ferrets. Armstrong and I, we're like THIS ~ASL's best friend sign~. We're the same person except well, he's a guy and I'm not (damned XX pairing). He's in the military and I'm not (so many hot hot hot men!). He's bald and I'm not (there's always hope!). He has a whole bunch more muscles than me (steroid are wonderful). He is a major FERRET HUNTING HUNK and I'm definitely not. He emits pink sparkles and I don't (it's Hard X Core, yo). Besides that, we're exactly the same (really, I swear on my iFerret!). I can pick any of you up and drag (queen) you where I want you (to perform). If you're a friend of mine, you can trust me to flex in the face of an enemy (!!). Not meaning to sound self-glorifying (my ferret tells me it isn't), but I really am one of those people who will stand up for her friends no matter what. Other than that... yeah. I'm me :)

The Dictionary to Understanding Me:

IB (noun)--International Baccalaureate Programme (masochistic program of death!)

ToK (noun)--essentially a philosophy class, but is an IB requirement

CAS (noun)--Creativity, Action, Service; it's a requirement for IB--50 hours of each kind of activity and then you write a whole bunch of crap about it

MOG (interjection)--shows excitement, displeasure, or aggravation; pronouncable form of OMG common netspeak.

"That deserves (insert number here) MOGs!"--A common phrase that expresses the degree to which the actions provoking the response was utterly a) pathetic b) stupid c) annoying or d) none of the above and I just plain feel like it [oh, and if my 10,000 MOGs pissed you off, I'm sorry--I am one of those people who will always take on a dare]

FMA--Full Metal Alchemist

Jenny/Yenny/Yipper/Kad/adespota: All the same person

Ferret-- A weasel which likes to burrow into the sawdust of her cage. She also is blind and likes to be scanned while I feed her treats.

This journal was customized with images from Getty Images. Icon song lyrics are from Black Box Recorder's Seasons in the Sun. Kad and Cele and James helped with the interest lists in an attempt to make me more LJ-worthy. It provoked many bizarre interests, none of which is far from truth *cough cough*.
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